Beg Me To Stop | Poem

If I cut your wrists,

Shout to stop me once,

You asked for this,

I’m ruthless now,

Beg me to stop, Jslavo.

You put cold inside me,

It burned what I built,

I’m hungry for blood,

For your blood,

Satisfy my thirst you gave me,

Beg me to stop, Jslavo.

Your nerves should scream,

The pain you feel,

It’ll let you free,

Call Deathra to save you,

I will give you pain,

And, I’ll sleep in flesh,

Smile! You are freed,

Beg me to stop, Jslavo.

When you scream,

My thoughts to pain more,

Arises! Don’t stop yourself,

The pain will come,

See your deeds.

Dungeon I trapped in you,

You will suffer,

And, I enjoy my sleep,

Your existence,

As I am,

You die, I’ll revive you,

Beg me to stop, Jslavo.

Mistress will clean your wounds,

She’ll heal your soul,

Wait for my return,

New wounds of pain,

I’m bringing your way,


Beg me to stop, Jslavo.

I’ll not stop,

You pained me,

Feel your deeds on me,

Pain I have,

Its yours I return,

Beg me to stop, Jslavo,

Deathra wouldn’t mind.



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