A World You Shared | Poem

I lay down to rest,
I think of you to life,
I cannot decide to hurt,
I take my pen and write,
About your cruel, dark heart,
Deathra, tell me, I request,
What is left to learn
Of my life I vanished.

The Sterling Queen,
She walked home,
Angry, she looked for chariot,
The pads refused to escort,
She went home uneasy.

See! I am alive,
Make me sleep, Deathra,
My heart cries silence,
My mind craves emptiness,
My fingers demand work,
My soul craves for love,
This suffering, I am blessed.

You came that night,
Come again,
Just for me.

I touch my life,
I destroyed it,
I recreated it,
Suffering stayed,
Let’s burn this world,
My emptiness will rise,
I will create again,
A world you shared.



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