Carrying Unknowingness | Poem

I know,

I’m in pain;

I’m in confinement;

I’m in fears;

I’m in hell;

I’m in unknowingness.

What does ask all this?

Birthday on edges;

Trust on dust;

Life on questions;

Scaredness on high;

Unknowingness tearing veins.

When will this wait ending?

I’m waiting;

I having patience;

Readying deathbed;

Saving will to live;

I’m surviving.

Serving unknowingness’ slavery,

Dissorted in world of called knowledgeable;

I’m dying;

I’m killing myself;

I’m a monster;


A depressing angel.

Who will answer me?

You! You! You!

Love me! Hate me! Kill me!

Don’t put me away!

I need the pain’s blanket.

I demand the comfort’s energy.

Do it! Come! I’m waiting!



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