A Veil Of Suffering | Poem

I’m not a caring person; never was in solitude,

But, at some nights, I meet a person, who seems

Good; not sure who he is anymore, I’m not bothered.

Some days, I desire to watch this world burn cruelly,

For everything, I feel, sparks unattended, merciless screams;

Mapping a getaway to reach what I left behind, I know, Deathra,

I’ve sold my humanity to an unknown, painful buyer; when I needed

Someone and I snapped; there, I was looking at the blank walls of darkness.

Each passing day, my feelings change; I may love someone, other moment,

I’ve uncontrollable hatred towards everything I know; perhaps, I’m scared

To let anyone see the wounds I’m hiding beneath a veil of suffering, or, my dear,

There’s someone I’m trying to save, who never felt loved for years in dark cages.

I must go back to my suffering; I must see straight in the eyes of fears, I loathe, I’m afraid,

What I’m becoming. Will you be there to stop my
soul’s tears, once it knows pain isn’t killing me?



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