Have You Seen Nothing, Yet? | Poem

What will be the time, dearest,

When your heart stops screaming,

When you come out walking on aisle,

When you wear the colour of my death,

So to sleep, I wait for your arrival?

I fight my birth gifted,

Alas, it’s pain,

A simple word of mouth,

And, you, my dear Deathra,

Come for the ones I touch,

Leave now, mistress,

Alas, you are inside me,

These words are yours.

When will be the time, dearest,

I see the Queen’s poker face,

I await the change again,

What I do with my feelings,

They scream to write,

They scream to shed blood,

Let’s sleep now,

My fingers crave you.

Amid the darkness I keep at bay.


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