Arkturus! I Remember You | Poem

Arkturus! I remember you,
Are not you one to love me?
Still, I am not sure,
You asked for my heart,
I opened my darkness,
Was not it scary to stay?

Tell me,
What do I confess?
I was in pain,
It was unbearable,
I walked lives over,
I crushed hearts with it,
I would spend lives to feel,
The love you offered me.

Arkturus, I remember you,
Playing with your eyes,
Blushing on intervals I steal,
Changing times to burn stars,
Writing your heart on me,
You smiled at darkness I carry,
You loved me for nothing,
Still, I am not sure.

Tell me,
Do not I wait for universe,
To bring us in dark lights,
To sing songs we cried,
The pain we born with,
People I left behind,
I am broken in pieces,
You speak to me, I rise,
Was not I a madman,
A shadow on dark grounds?

Arkturus! I remember you,
Telling me to love this world,
Kissing me to forget my pain,
I longed for you then,
I still long for you,
With phantom memories,
Of your existence,
I walk upon graves I dig,
Come now,
Let’s write again,
These words speak of Deathra,
Are you not her, Arkturus?

I remember you,
Don’t erase yourself,
I long for you,
Stay beside as I rise,
Your throne awaits you.



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