Finding A Reign Of Lost | Poem

I wonder,
If wandering in unsatisfied hearts,
Turn me into a human of worth,
Is it right?

I wonder,
If loving someone I loved before,
Turn me into a human of love,
Is it right?

Do you remember that thought,
Which kept me sane on mad nights,
The thought that shaped my darkness,
The darkness, which fearless disobeyed light,
“Don’t let the pain overcome you!”

I am scared now,
Finding a reign of lost,
To hide in shadows,
I created long ago,
Will you come there, Deathra?

I wonder,
About wanderings we took,
People we smiled at in rage,
Work we sorted with impulses,
Love we earned in disguise,
I am not ashamed,
For what has taken to survive,
I do not submit,
I do not ask submission,
I am co-existing now.

A monster is learning to love life.



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