I Didn’t Call Dark Fountain! | Poem

It feels like a volcano blooding in my veins,

Waiting to erupt on the humanity’s sins,

I’m a sinner, the best one in eyes,

I’m a monster, deadly one in feelings,

You carved my mind to hold darkness,

Deathra, I can destroy your world.

Keys to the palace we built are lost,

Like a human roaming, the earth’s surface

To tear a soul I long for,

Tis was I suffered; I soul drank the dark fountain,

Now, it seeks your punishment,

Deathra, I love Liebe!

You cursed our treaty to bring life unto me.

What human desires death upon humanity,

That night my soul traded life in curses,

Over the blessings, I offer to untamed emptiness,

Deathra, I long for her!

Tell time to obey its master,

You obey me, mistress!



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