I Burnt My Home! | Poem

Don’t ask me,

What I never felt in my heart,

I tried to repress myself,

And they came up strong,

Deathra, I’m losing myself,

Amid the rights and wrongs.

Don’t ask me,

How I survived this long,

I gave up my desires and wants,

Deathra, I’m becoming a monster,

And I can’t can’t Shobo now.

Don’t ask me,

Where my home created,

I burnt everything and recovering life,

Deathra, I don’t feel home anymore,

Suffering’s taken me a long back,

And I scream in voids.

Food’s poisonous of my own blood,

Water’s thirsty for own spendings,

I’m not home,

I died on that day you came,

Deathra, call me home once,

I carve for love I can’t have.



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