Deathra, Dress Me For The Night! | Poem

Tear me apart,

And, see nothing of me,

Darkness flows in me,

Lightness comes from it,

Deathra, dress me for the night,

I’m seeing her always.

My feet are dig in dark,

My head is fixed in light,

I can’t leave her,

She brings my love alive,

And, you mistress, burn me in pain,

This darkness asks pain,

Build my heart in darkness,

Once again! Once again!

Deathra, ask Liebe to come,

I cooked a meal of her choice,

Tables are set; chairs are clean,

First, you tear me apart,

She’ll come unnoticed.

Make me sleep in you,

I’m waking to masking,

Yet, darkness runs me,

Lightness bright my mask,

Let’s sleep together,

I’m punishing us,

She sleeps in me,

I’m Wordsmith!



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