Death Is Close! I’m Awake. | Poem

Have you called me at night?

I was admiring the full moon,

And, I heard a voice,

And, I turned back to look,

Nothing! I’m covering darkness,

Divino got long eyelashes,

Let me kiss them!

Deathra, stay close! I’m awake.

Have you touched me at night?

I was doodling at darkness,

And, I felt someone’s presence,

And, I screamed to let go of fear,

Nothing! I’m asking for pain,

Divino got lips of a goddess,

Let me taste them!

Deathra, stay awake! I’m in love.

Have you made love to me at night?

I was dreaming of her in my kingdom,

And, I felt a rise in me,

And, I closed my eyes to feel,

Nothing! I’m craving for affection,

Divino got irresistible long fingers,

Let me kiss them!

Deathra, stay with darkness! I’m dark,

And, I call myself Wordsmith.



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