Here Is There, I Look | Poem

This world doesn’t sell out compassion,

Go to heaven as the God’s will,

Don’t speak of evil, but feel him,

This world teaches to stay quiet,

Don’t you get lured, Queen,

I know you’re stronger.

I look at you,

There I see a smile, still smile,

There I see colour on your lips, that’s kiss,

There I see a bounce on your cheeks,

There I see mysterious in your black eyes,

There I see a grave silence among your feelings,

Let’s not talk about what is here and there,

I feel to hold you in my arms, and stay in the moment,

You got that light, which I fear the most,

And, I can’t stop inking the feelings I hold.

Tonight, sleep, Queen,

Tomorrow, wake, and become the phoenix,

Deathra will see what your soul looks,

For me to wear your words gown,

Sleep! Tonight is your night to be the heaven.

©sjwordsmith T.A.K


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