Here, I Am Surviving | Poem

Here, I am surviving

Under the hot sun,

Without water waiting for rescuer.

I’m lost somewhere in rational world.

Alas, I’m lost in memories of her.

I can see the hungry Eagle,

Waiting to let out my soul for new journey.

I’m scared enough to lose my wits,

But I’m still breathing in confusion.

I adored her so much so I could wait

Until I die,

Until I lose temper to shout speechless.

World is so cruel, drama and false,

Even though I’m trying best to live.

I‘m thinking of world in Desert,

In state, where I am taking last breaths.

Here, I am waiting under the hot sun,

Hungry Eagle, hot air and without her,

For a saver from heaven to save me,

From where I am surviving,

Where she has left me alone,

To die without water and all is done.



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