Don’t Call Me Brave, Mistress | Poem

Don’t call me brave,

I’ve killed myself in disgrace,

I’m crying and I’m not ashamed,

Haven’t you wanted sickness, Deathra?

I desire for a death,

And, I stay alive,

To tease you till that night,

Haven’t you drank my blood, Deathra?

Why this incessant of pains,

We consented to pain each other,

Share pain with me, mistress,

I’m dying; I’m screaming; I’m helpless,

Bring me darkness to breathe,

Don’t tell Liebe I need her,

Haven’t you stabbed my heart, Deathra?

I can’t write anymore,

I feel sick all the time,

Nights got pain for days,

Days got pain for nights,

I’m burning in purple,

I’m helpless to hurt myself,

Haven’t you called emptiness, Deathra?



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