Destroy Something, Mistress | Poem

I close my eyes to lose amid dreams,

I see darkening I fear the most in screams,

I feel helpless; not thinking to conquer time,

I’m guilty of betraying my heart,

Open your eyes and look at me,

Don’t I look desperate to shed blood?

Unknowingness covering the skies’ high,

Pain hugging the masters of life,

I crave for an escape,

which never comes,

I wait,

I overcome,

Still, I’m beginning to fade away.

Nothing takes away my breaths,

Everything takes away my conscience,

Give me some time to collect my life,

Deathra, don’t be cruel on undead,

I’m yours! I feel pain and disgust,

Just take my pen and write blood on my skin,

I crave to earn food for tonight.

I’m scared to see the dark corners,

I’m their plaything to feel righteous,

Destroy something in me, mistress,

Let me pain you to pleasure ourselves,

I’m desperate to write words of secrets.



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