I’m Not Obliged To Say | Poem

I’m not obliged to say,

Whom I killed in lights of dark,

A boy took a shelter in darkness,

And, he died seeing the monsters,

Once he taught to believe in angels,

That night he saw the faces of monstrous angels,

And, he killed himself to rise against the world.

I’m not obliged to say,

Whom I love in the darkness I own,

She made me see the wolves of moonlight,

Captured among the sheep of fears,

She speaks of the light I gave freedom to,

And, I’m in love with her,

She calls herself the light walker,

I call her Liebe.

I’m not obliged to say,

Whom I pained in my pains of decades,

She knew I was becoming a devil of words,

She carved my life in unbearable pain,

And made me stand in the muds of destruction,

Don’t call her name in the world I live in,

Deathra comes seeing nights of pain,

And, she kisses me farewell from our kingdom.

I’m not obliged to say,

With whom I’m fighting the battles,

Secrets I own come with a price,

Fears I hide come with a destiny,

Fame I see come with sleepless thoughts,

Don’t follow me into the abyss of battles,

The return has waited the time not counted.

I’m not obliged to say,

Within the walls of endless knowledge,

What I’ve created with what I own of time,

I was baptized with a sword,

I borne as Wordsmith!



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