I’m Not Dead! | Poem

Go and live! Go and live!

Screams the darkness lurking inside,

It waited under the sun to breathe,

And, it became part of me,

Telling the world, I’m alive,

Just need to leave the resting bed.

I survived the times of deaths,

I’m surviving in shadows, still,

Let’s write a life to live,

Don’t call light to smile,

I’ve embraced darkness to shine.

Dreadful to be tortured again,

I don’t sleep anytime alone,

Walls talk of past, I never knew,

Coldness speak of time, I breathe now,

Tomorrow I’m awake, Deathra,

Go and live! Go and live!

Dreams of Liebe to come, along her.

And, burn the world to nothing,

Ask them what they fed you,

To become perfect imperfection,

To smile a broken soul,

To love a leaving soul,

Hear me out,

I’m not dead!



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