I’m No Evil In Disguise, I Feel Intense! | Poem

Let me kill him, Deathra,
I can’t rest in urges,

Something calls me,
A dark light I hide,

It needs his blood,
Jslavo must die, tonight.

When did I kill him?
There were so many,
A fleet of dead, I carry around,
I’m not ashamed,
Jslavo must die, tonight.

I want his blood,
To make a gown for you,
I will paint it purple,

I will burn his soul,
Till I get a diamond,
To make a jewel,
For resting throne we left,

I will take his flesh,
Tell Him to eat it,
His son of demons,
Make me pain enough,

Let him rot, Let him suffer,
Let him scream,
The moment will cease.

Deathra, I am no evil in disguise,
Pain changed my love,

Love brought me sanity,

Jslavo must die,
So I will rise of ashes,
In this nightmares.

Dance now, mistress,
I accept my darkness,

Are you not happy?
To see your master,

The monster and the angel,
Blended in human flesh,

When was the day
I accepted to live?



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