I’m Guilty Of Desires! | Poem

Fire on my fingers,

Darkness in my heart,

I can’t sleep with you,

And, I’m guilty of desires.

Let me burn this world,

Let me fire the fire in her,

Let me rule my kingdom,

Deathra, make me sleep.

I fear to sleep alone,

Yet, I can’t sleep with anyone,

Dark urges come along,

I feel to dominate the night,

Deathra, make me sleep.

I’m asking for pain,

It’s my escape from worldly,

Words tell my tales of pain,

I tell you love for her,

Yet, I’m scared to lose her,

Deathra, make me sleep.

Come! Burn me in more pain!

Mistress! Unleash your darkness.

I get hurt; I get up,

I get pain; I work,

I stay away; I lose my mind,

Tell her, Deathra, I’m waiting,

Tonight! Night is screaming,

Deathra, make me sleep.

Blood is on my head,

Blood is in my ink,

I’m alive to feel,

Just make me sleep, tonight.



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