I’m Different! | Poem

Who said I’m not different to feel,

Who said I’m not different to understand,

Who said I’m not different to know things,

Who said I’m not different to sex around,

Then why, Oh dear Deathra!

I spent years in darkness,

Looking at the empty walls; I smiled,

Thinking to see myself; I craved,

You came to rescue, at last,

When I become the darkness to survive.

I know people who left me dead,

I know lovers who killed me each night,

I know I’m in-treatable human light,

I’m different to everything you say,

Accept what you’ve done to deserve me,

I can wait. It does not matter I’m in pain always.

I may feel to smile on the clouds I burnt.



Dark Humor Author | Poet | Creative Fountain | Borderline Personality | Proofreader | Content Writer | Automobile Lover | Found me at surajjangid.sam@gmail.com.

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