I’m An Ocean | Poem

I’m an ocean.

Deadly silence before & after the devastation.

Trying to contain me in containment.

I welcome thou.

I can’t be contained.

I’m vast in veins.

Expanding through sins, breathing through deeds.

I flow in godly manner. Containment makes me fearless.

Fearing my boundaries. I’m limitless.

I’ve hidden lives, invisible to logic & satisfaction.

Playing with me like fire. Drinking me like holy water.

Containing me like thou sins. Sinning me like devil.

Thinking me like omnipresent. Silencing me like humans. Conquering me like mountains. Fearing me like misconceptions. I’m an ocean though.

Hell & Heaven share corners in me. Evolution begins with me. I’m alive, yet I’m dead. Still fearing me!

I’m an ocean. Deadly silence before & after the devastation.

Fear my containment! Care my freedom! I’ve consumed ages, and unthinkable.

Don’t fear me thou.

Thou me. Me thou.

Listen me thou! Leave me thou!

I’m an ocean. Unconquered territory of universe thou.

I’m silence in respect of evolution thou.



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