Emotions Dark Drive | Poem

Slice my heart good, tonight,
It is in pain, screaming anxious wild,

I can’t sleep of fears,
Hold me tight, Liebe.

I’m worried to stay alive,
Let’s do this! Let’s do that!

I can hear them,
Calling me to cage,

Which I refused in pain.

This world makes me sane,
This world calls me insane.

I’m deprived of love,
For what? I’m punished.

Come tonight, Deathra,
I can’t sleep.

Make me suffer more, alas,
Submit yourself to me,

You suffer as me,
Let’s share together,

Sleep needs to come,
I’m tired.

I need to see the sun,
Yet, I’m the dark prince,

For Liebe,
It’s hatred surfacing,
Unknown, painful, dreadful,

You feel it in veins,
I’m in love with her.



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