Don’t Cry On My Death | Poem

On my death,

Don’t shed your tears in my absence,

Don’t talk your deeds on my sufferings,

Don’t listen your senses on my teachings,

Don’t think your ownership on my leftover,

Don’t hurt your feelings with my memories,

Don’t ask your forgiveness on other side with me,

Don’t lose your mind with my pain,

Don’t praise your skills on my behalf,

Don’t kill your emotions for my words,

Don’t wash my clothes with my blood,

Don’t resent your doings on my life,

Don’t force your materialism on my funeral,

As I will be sleeping, at last.

On my life,

You forced your fake preachings on my innocence,

You commanded your false truths on my reasonings,

You proved your faulty upbringing as my mistake,

You taught your ill-thinking to my nuisance mind,

You used your longing to lure my sickness,

You planted your shortcomings’ seed on my achievements,

You longed your sickness on my insanity,

You raped your existence with my senses,

You took your meanings of my kindness,

You dominated your lifestyle on my submission,

You sniffed your coming age in my evolution,

You blamed your grief for my happiness,

As I was breathing, heavily.

With my confinement,

You advantaged your life on my absence,

You forced your senses to put me in hell,

You lured your people to command me,

You smiled your happiness on my pain,

You called your madness my safe haven,

You asked your hands to tear my sensitivity,

You made your nuisance to fill me with numbness,

You promised your blood a safe hell,

You lied your upbringing as my shortcomings,

As I was screaming, to begin.

In my farewell,

Don’t come to see me,

Don’t ask to forgive everything,

Don’t beg to relax nothing,

Don’t burn my leftover,

Don’t grave my existence,

Don’t show your grievances,

Don’t kneel in your guilt,

As I will be sleeping, at last.

I request,

Put on an epigraph on my graveness,

“There was nothing left

Of him

For us.

His soul’s final act

Took him

To salvation.”

Stay with my numbness alive!

Don’t cry on my death, world!



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