Don’t Ask, Tonight | Poem

Tonight, don’t ask,

Women in my life,

Of beauties I can’t have,

Of men in my life,

Of desires in life,

Deathra, you ask yourself,

How I survived?

I’m tired to attach,

I’m afraid to detach,

And, I cry for someone,

And, she comes and left,

Heart-broken of centuries distance,

Deathra, you claim me ever,

Is this the price for my life?

Pour my glass of darkness!

Tonight, I’m dying,

Coming back soon,

To claim my own!

Till then,

Count women of my life,

Ask them to care,

Did I make them deàd,

Just with touch of my fingers,

Destruction comes upon those,

Who tried to heal me,

I destroyed myself,

Now, I’m creating,

Deathra, stay close!

See this world on knees,

I’m bringing numbness.



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