Am I Scary, My Life? | Poem

My heart stopped smiling,

When it left beating,

I’m alive! I’m a monster,

I feel like I’m dying,

Is that night coming, Deathra?

I can feel tears in my eyes,

Waiting to dry any moment,

Voices in my head screams,

This shall pass, but stay alive,

I’m trying to bring back,

The person I’m sometimes,

Do you even care, Deathra?

I can tell what does not pain me,

Right now, I’m screaming in silence,

Waiting for monster to rest,

Hate me for who I’m,

I didn’t choose me,

I’m not weak to see reality,

Pain made me strong and alone,

Hug me, Deathra, I’m craving affection.

Things I say, things I feel,

Not matter how destructive they seem,

I’m seeing the ends, the starts,

I need to awake to change,

I can’t tell you to die, Deathra!

I’m left alone,

It hurts a hurricane,

Don’t say words you know always,

I’ve lived lives on death and life,

Tear my soul again,

Rebuild me, Deathra,

I’m crying in thoughts.



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