Consider Me | Poem

Possibly, who I am,

You asked me in council of trust,

What I tell you, Deathra,

I’m lost again; I can’t sleep,

Will you at first make me sleep?

When! I wake up,

Consider me,

The pain you feel in love;

The hate you feel in world;

A soul you can’t heal;

An arrow you poisoned in love;

A man you’ve in bed;

A love you feel in destruction;

A sky you see at night;

The dark you can’t resist;

A light you can’t possess;

A death you never desired;


I’m known as Wordsmith.

Words dance on my fingers,

Yet, I refrain writing myself,

Thoughts reckon me with no sympathy,

I wish death, I get life,

I wish life, I get life,

Magic of your kindness, mistress,

If those words my own,

Hang me upon this night,

As my day has yet to come,

I can’t sleep tonight in fears,

Deathra, let me taste the light!

I breathe pain,

I think of control,

And, I destroy myself,

With old tricks of mine,

Deathra, get me a coffin,

I desire to sleep to wake,

Amid nothing and everything,

Once again!

I’m lost, mistress.



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