Can’t You See What’s Wrong? | Poem

What if I beg,

Tell me a way to stop my sufferings,
I don’t want to murder myself,

In arms of a beautiful life.

What if I say,

I’m in moment to cut my skin,
There is no peace and no chaos,

I call it the dungeon’s stillness,
It calls me around when I lie,

To myself about the way I feel,
I feel I’m missing the presence.

What if I write,

There is nothing without pain I know,
This uneasiness brings the horrors I buried,

Deathra! Wait are you, Liebe?
Shobo does not seem well,

He talks of pain other’s can see.

Can’t you see what’s wrong?

He lost his muse! He needs the darkness,
You took in sheets in blood he left behind.

© sjwordsmith


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