Trust Me, Grandma! | Poem

You’re the 18th century upbringing,

I’m the disturbed paining upbringing.

You believe in the godly powers of existence,

I believe in the wordings power of existence.

You’ve ages with experience,

I’ve experienced with aging.

Your solution is confinement of desires,

My solution is desire of confinement.

You drive with uncontrolled impulsives,

I control my impulsiveness’ drive.

You trust materialistic optimising of healing,

I trust powerful entities of healing.

You fear the future’s fearless voices,

I fear the unknown fearless voices.

You demand my trust on you,

I command myself to trust.

Grandma, will you start looking at me as me?

I’m thirsty for acceptance and love.

You sleep in comfort’s bedroom,

I sleep with enormous pain in my bed.

You promise for my safe haven,

I promise to stay alive with my hell.

You cry looking at my sufferings,

I cry bearing everything’s sufferings.

You lost my forefathers in ignorance,

I lost my innocence in abuse.

Your death will bring more pain,

My death will bring chaos in minds.

Ending, hoping to see you coming,

Grandma, trust me, so, I can rise.

I beg, last time,

Trust me, grandma!


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