Become The Woman, You Are! | Poem

Awaiting that moment to cross our debts,

Don’t blindfold darkness I carry inside,

I’m not scared to face the demons I fed,

Sharp your favourite blade on my skin,

Become the woman, you are, Deathra.

Unfold secrets in surface we made,

Don’t speak, think and I’ll know,

We share the darkness to butcher the worlds,

You hide in shadows of deaths I carry,

I rise above shadows of our treaty,

That moment, mistress,

Stab me the times you can’t forget,

I’m awaiting our colour to bath in purple,

Become the woman, you are, Deathra.

I write and you breathe,

You breathe and I survive,

See through that setting of our lives,

Become the darkness, I write, Deathra.



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