You Ease My Nerves | Poem

I feel pain,

Intense, tearful, dreadful,

I can’t survive on her,

Deathra, tie me up,

And, fill me more pain.

Each word I write it,

It goes away in air,

And, it comes back hurtful,

Deathra, you ease my nerves.

I call numbness in pain,

I call sensitiveness in pain,

I call Liebe in love,

I call you in lust,

Yet, you undying bitch,

Come for more of my soul.

I can’t deny you all,

I can’t deny her nothing,

These words my kingdom,

Deathra, you wake in them.

Tonight as whole nights,

I share my bed with you,

She waits for me in smile,

And, I make love to you.

Bury me deep in darkness,

Holds Liebe’s lightness,

I crawl back to world,

To survive! To love! To pain!

I rise in shadows to you,

And, in end, I smile; fearless!


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