Whipping The Pain! | Poem

Those whips I took in silent cries,

Emerging as fire bright than this world,

Stand up and feel it in dark I carry,

We can create our kingdom on ashes emerged,

Decide to die or live, mistress!

I’m surviving the pain in hopes, Deathra!

I can’t tell my thoughts to see the night,

I’m sleepless in realms I created to care,

I’m a helpless monster, bitten and thriving,

Take your time to examine the pain we share,

Decide to save or kill, mistress!

I’m having a devil tonight to dine, Deathra!

Come! Lure me in your locks,

I desire to rest in arms you have,

Tell the darkness to wait to reveal,

Decide to love or banish, mistress!


I’m taking your pain for my pleasure.

Deathra, your name terrifies the world,

Our kingdom hails your thoughts,

Rebuild that kingdom,

I’ve to leave soon to breathe life.


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