What You Desire | Poem

Is this what you desire?

Me, craving for your soul,

Me, crawling beneath my death flesh,

It’s paining, I know,

Yet, you tease me of days,

It’s night now, Deathra,

Come! Burn me in love.

You can’t stay away,

I can’t go on without you,

It’s hatred we spread,


It’s our love,

We meet at night, Deathra.

Liebe, scared as me,

You come uninvited,

Bleed me to that night,

Deathra, undress your desires.

I’m trapped in holy grail,

You own the doors of death,

Take me to your kingdom,

Let’s rule our confinement.


Rub your skin on my heart,

I’m sleeping in Liebe’s arms.


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