What Is That Something? | Poem

Something crawls in my veins,

Tearing, expanding, paining, at once,

Screaming in silence without stimulus,

What is that something?

Impulsive reactions, uncontrollable anger,

It nurtures with everything or nothing,

It’s high or low, but it’s something,

What is that something?

It lures confinement, bad; immoral attractions,

Then, turns soft as silk; hard as unshakable faith,

Fighting it each second, penning to control it,

What is that something?

Bringing contractions with her love,

Signing the lying treaty of hyper-sensitiveness,

Feeling like a superhuman; killing my freedom,

What is that something?

Waiting as an imposter,

Having patience as a lover,

This something of unthinkable sorts,

Tell me,

What is that something?


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