You Are Death I Steal | Poem

Just tonight,
Don’t let me think,
About life more, dear,
I am crying whole night,
You watch and curse,
Say those cursings again,
I am begging you to change,
You are death I steal,
Deathra, could not reveal you,
Forgive me,
For things I did not accept.

Murdered the old ones of me,
Someone else has come,
How long I survive sickness,
Helpless I call you,
Did not you burn me,
To strong my desires,
Ashes of lost kingdom,
We longed for each other,
Accept me? Kill me? Carve me?

Just tonight,
Dance with me in silence,
Drink blood wine on souls,
Scream heart on nowhere land,
Let’s just get lost forever,
Horror I posses, you define,
I wait for time to speak,
For time, I was confined.


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