Wherever I See | Poem

A dagger’s scratching my veins,

I can’t look! I’m blind!

pain’s on the universe,

Deathra, ask Liebe to come.

Noises ‘re drinking my blood,

Will I be with numbness?

In my death with you,

Trap this pain once,

I’m losing control,

Deathra, let me be in Liebe’s arms.

Each tear is unnamed,

Every word of thoughts cursed,

I’m burning in darkness,

I’m stronger with darkness!

Who fears me,

Ever see inside my heart,

Every action holds a secret,


Deathra, prepare my bed,

Spread those black roses in my love,

Write Liebe I’m waiting,

Every pain I’ve brought more darkness,

Don’t I deserve a night of my death,

Don’t I crave a moment to kiss,


Tell Liebe! I’ve to hold her.

Wherever I see,

Pain comes along dark I hide,

Someday! Deathra, we’ll write a beginning.

© sjwordsmith

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