Words Don’t Let Me Give Up! | Poem

Don’t think I’ve lost paths to come back,

I’m paused; I’m screaming; I’m in pain,

Don’t think I won’t walk again,

I’ve seen suffering more than you think,

I survived on nights of death,

Still, you look at me in pity,

I don’t need your piteous love,

I crave to walk again,

And, you can’t heal my wounds,

Meet my mistress,

Tell her! She has to come,

Deathra will come for me.

I might look vulnerable in present,

Just think what I’ve become,

I refuse to give up and rest,

Yet, you call me the sickness of this world,

I will walk again, time will come,

I’m patient. I’m waiting.

Meet my mistress,

Tell her! She’s needed to bring darkness,

Deathra will come for me.

Listen to me,

I’m in pain, but,

I’ve paused, not given up.

I will walk the paths I created,

Time will come for a rise.


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