500 Days Of Not Blood | Poem


I slept in arms of scars,

Each scar told me a story,

The pain it let go,

The pain it put me through,

You stayed beside me,

When I engraved my skin,

Deathra, I can’t tell them,

Who you are to breathe,

They forced me to stay alive,

I’ve worn a person each moment,

You’ve not seen what I saw.

Counting the dark stars,

Time has changed the light,

Poisons are easy to live,

Elixirs are rare to drink,
Urges take lives I lived,

Deathra, Liebe has silenced,

I don’t feel urges to bleed,

Adding more to these,

Time goes on,

I wait,

500 days of not blood,

I’m breathing darkness,

I collected from this world.


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