To whom, I belong | Poem

To whom, I belong,

To Deathra,

To you,

I can’t decide,

I need one.

I long for both,

Both tease with acceptance,

I stand between,

Undecided to know,

Unwanted to feel,

To Deathra,

To you,

I need one.

I’m hollowed with pain,

Answer me to rest,

To whom I belong?

With Deathra,

I’m dead.

With you,

I’m alive.

What’s me to know?

To whom I belong,

To Deathra?

To you?

I can’t decide,

I need one.

┬ęSuraj Jangid

Dark Humor Author | Poet | Creative Fountain | Borderline Personality | Proofreader | Content Writer | Automobile Lover | Found me at

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