Cite a Poem Beloved

Make me sleep, dear,

I’ve survived enough near,

Fall down with me into world’s mirror,

Prose my life on eternity’s sickness,

Call me dreamer, tonight!

Your silent voice soothing,

Dilemmas of uncertain folding,

Dear, cares my soul to be last,

Cite a poem, beloved!

Verses, proses, asking truth,

What truth I tell to world,

Fictionalised truth,

Rationalised truth,

False truth;

Beloved make me sleep, tonight.

Will you lie beside?

Asking nothing in return,

Hmm your best verse,

Dear, take me there, tonight,

Cite a poem tonight.

Desiring you momentarily,

True love not;


Pain’s call to bleed,

Cite a poem tonight, beloved.

I’m identity unknown,

You’re known identity,

They call you merciless,

I call you beloved,


Cite a poem tonight, Deathra,

Make me sleep in your arms,

I wait,

I listen,

Cite a poem beloved.


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