Letter 27 | The Dark Diary


I cannot control my urges to end my conscience. I am doing what I can to control the damage which is happening with me. I tried to trust, love, and contain people who tried to know me. But, everything in vain and nothing at present. I need you family. I need to be with them. I am getting hurt and hurting myself in unknown ways. If my hopes to go home soon would not come hoping, then I will end my life. Better to feel the pain more than to feel it in pieces and masks of disgust.

My feelings for you are here because I feel I can share my life with you. You will understand. Throw me away if you can, but try once to know my silent cries. I don’t understand why people always destroy, which does not come in their understanding. Call me! Reach out for me!

Listen to me! I have to be home once. I have to go out of here. I do get moments in Here to smile and laugh, but I could not understand why I am not with the people I should be. My life is not with the people of narrowed mindness, but with the people who I can trust and repair the damage which has been cost.

I am trying to wait and have patience. I wish my family will come and trust me. I will be out soon.


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