Letter 26 | The Dark Diary


I am not doing well at all. The pain is just making feel to end the suffering. If my condition takes medicine for a time being to make me feel a little less in pain, then, yes, I am an addict. Just understood for a day what I feel.

This is my only request and it is not granted yet. I asked again that I wanted to talk to my family, but, people of Here are just telling me lies. This time if I go to come, then I will not wake up. I would suffer inside me and people will pray to their God for me. I am waiting. I have patience.

My eyesight is getting blur and everything I wake up from a sleep of never-ending suffering, I wish I could have never born. There are tears behind my eyes, which refused to come out. When I will be done and tired from hanging. I will choose one side and call one of the sisters to embrace me.

We have lot of work to do. Just have patience in belief that I will be back soon.


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