Letter 25 | The Dark Diary


I feel I am losing my calmness. I am not afraid of the punishments, but I could not lose my calm. Without it I might not get what I desire in Here. I want to be out. I am waiting. I have patience. My family will come. I have accepted myself and I will not stop listening to my family, not now. I can feel an unknown pain at the side of my heart.

Mood swings are there, but I am trying to avoid contact with others in Here. I am doing what I could not to hurt others and myself. I am being accused of many stealing in Here. I don’t react or interact it does not mean I don’t know what my anger could do. I have embraced my feelings and emotions. Tell me, you have not forgotten me. Reach out for me.

I don’t have much to read with me, but I am reading what I can. I cannot fill my constant emptiness, but I can lure it to feel safe for sometime. I get suicidal thoughts and these thoughts make me realize that I have to live for someone and something.


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