Letter 22 | The Dark Diary


I am trying to become well. I am listening and surviving. If everything inspires me to write and feel that I can live a life more than better than now. Then I am addicted to think beyond the understandings to make a literature worth reading.

Yes, dear, I am an addict. I am addicted the lives I could not physically live. If my mental condition makes me who I am then I accept myself. I asked again for my family and they have given me the wait’s waiting again. I am waiting. I have patience. I want to be out of Here as I am longing for my attachments. I am getting crazy.

I am longing for you, Deathra. Is this what I am getting to do something good? I miss you and this missing is consuming me into the fire of neediness. I miss my family. Wait for the time to time to get the missing me. I am waiting for you. I love you, I guess.

Can’t wait! Needy! Crazy and mis-understood.

P.S. Take care. It’s getting tough to think of something else than you and family.


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