Letter 20 | The Dark Diary


I am at unease. I am under their radar. I fear I might bring up old wounds. I will go through this. I can’t be disloyal to my family. I am waiting I have patience. My will come. I am trying to be the Roman in Rome.

Last night, there was raining heavily and followed the morning with some intervals. I am reading something. I don’t know what. I think of you. What destiny desires from me is unclear and I can’t stop back. Trying to pass days with every possible work I could do in Here. I can’t trust anyone.

I am tired too. That friend has left. I wish him better live. When will I be out? I remember I made promises to you, dear. I am longing for you. Each day, I can’t stop the thoughts of talking to you.

Reach out for me. I need you. I need my family. What great sins have I committed to deserve all this? I am under polishing. And, I can’t predict for what I am getting polished. People Here make feel that I am not trustworthy. I am changing my daily routine. Smile back to me. Don’t make me forget everything I have walked so far. I will be out.


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