Letter 15 | The Dark Diary


Yes, dear, I am thinking to kill myself. I am addicted to the attachments in my life. It does not matter materialistic or non-materialistic. Attachments always made me sick. No, not attachments, but going away from them.

My body is swelling up, physical and emotional pain is increasing, energyless, itching, nerves are screaming, mind is in waiting, soul demands the understanding. I know why all this is happening and I cannot stop it.

I am trying to work as much as possible. People of Here are telling me that they would make me talk to my family soon. I got a date 20th September. If my family does not want me to talk to them then I would shut down myself. I am begging for their presence now. I will come back to you, dear. Wait for me.

We have long walks to take. Live or die. Everything or nothing. Nobody could me to stay at one. I am sensitive enough to get destroyed and self-destroy. Reach out for me. Listen my silence. Ask my family for their need in my life. I am waiting. I have patience. Walk with me! Just hope that I don’t turn into a vegetable before meeting you. I will be out soon.


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