Letter 14 | The Dark Diary


Reach out for me like the way I tried for you. I need my family. I can’t talk, see, and think about them. What have I done to deserve this abandonment? I want them now as I wanted earlier. I went into coma once and woke for their sake.

I could feel that it’s coming back. This time my waking up would take more than their reaching out for me. I could feel that I am losing my mind and body.

It’s getting hard to have my meals. I vomited after my lunch. How could my family trust others like they did for years? Will I join their regrets and happiness like them? If you could feel that I need you, dear, then ask for me.

My family will come? Or have they abandoned me like I never asked? I can’t rest, watch, listen, talk and do almost anything. The pain is increasing with time. How longer? I might lose my senses soon. I need them. Ask them to see me if they have abandoned me.

I can’t write more. See you soon.


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