Letter 11 | The Dark Diary


I did not sleep well last night. I wanted to talk with someone. I wanted to distract my thoughts. I had a desire to hug you and rest if I could not sleep. There was need for a still moment. Now, I often run out of smokes. I asked others for it. There is a new and strange feeling in me. It is not rage, grudge, caged or something I have not felt.

The feeling is like that I have a need to hurt people who have taken me for granted. What will happen if they get to know the truth or that I have created something, which could kill any being in no time. All these medicines, drugs, substances, and poisons revealed to me that they are here for a realization in everyone that creations always destroy the creator.

I was born like others, might be little early, but I am being created the way I am. I have told you which path I desire to walk with you. The journey is just little bit teaching me the ways to accept the way I am. I have to take the responsibility of constant change inside me. With it, I need pain of others. Do you snore?

I wish I could admire you while you are sleeping beside me. That strange feeling is that I have developed a need for rebellion. Live or die. Everything or nothing. Black and White. Complex and simple. I am being created in the shadow of a someone who should feel everything and act as if I am nothing. My tongue desires your lips’ taste. I am waiting. Waiting to face the known soon.


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