Letter 7 | The Dark Diary


I should tell you this that the change in me taking up everything I have. During the day, I feel I can go through the feelings I am tired of. During the night, I feel that I have to take out every nerve and burn it. Here, people asked me to tell them every problem I feel anytime. Last night I wanted relief from the pain. I was almost on the edge of hurting myself. And, I hurt myself by eating tobacco.

I always had and have this feeling that if I breakdown someday then the degree of pain and hurt would be must higher than the normal people. They wanted me to live by their rules but I could not. I can follow them for the day I would destroy everyone and everything.

Now, I want to breakdown and cry in your arms. I desire to shed my tears with you. I know time is slipping but keep patience and trust in me.

I will be back. Would you like a red dress or a purple dress? I will tell you something about the disappearances of mine with time to time. I fear I might hurt you somehow. And, I might have. Please forgive me.


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