A Sign | Poem

There’s a hopes grave amid my thoughts,

Sweeping leftover of the desires I kept aside,

And I wonder why there’s emptiness crawling,

Liebe, maybe Deathra doesn’t see the wounds

That kept resurfacing on defines of nothingness.

Once I shared my thoughts with a wise

He didn’t even blink a single emotion,

He said, “Actualize your thoughts, child.”

Tell me tonight, Liebe,

Didn’t we ever thought to write that story,

Which these personas I write could claim?

I’m done on the words more,

I await it sooner than I see it coming,

You stay inside the boundaries of fears,

I’m going to the unknown plains to collect

What I crave in this sickness gifted.

Liebe, why does darkness keep me alive,

Didn’t I betrayed its treaty with light?

© sjwordsmith

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