Legacy | Poem

Each morning come usual

With intoxicated cocktail filled on feelings

Of dread, lostness, inevitable and unwilling.

Each morning comes usual

Telling about the night goes away,

Writing another alive day,

Waking up to the emptiness again.

It’s strange what runs in my veins now,

Aliveness, desires, undying need to see her,

Deathra, what is happening to me?

I feel different few mornings,

Seeking nothing to feel alive,

Why it feels Martha,

That I can have everything,

I could leave a legacy to remember.

Each morning comes unusual

With intoxicated cocktail of life,

All I desire to find you beside,

How come darkness I own

Starts to feel alive each moment.


Dark Humor Author | Poet | Creative Fountain | Borderline Personality | Proofreader | Content Writer | Automobile Lover | Found me at surajjangid.sam@gmail.com.

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